It is by building great communities that we build great societies, and the first step is to give our communities the resources they need to flourish.’
– W. Carnegie

William Carnegie wants to fight to make sure that our communities are properly represented in the government and that every individual in Calgary-Forest Lawn has a voice. He believes that the government should represent the best interests of its citizens, be transparent, and accountable.

Together with the support of his community he will push for the following;

  • Support local small business
  • Close corporate loopholes
  • Electric vehicle tax credit
  • Progressive income tax
  • Sustainable resource development
  • Expand government funded education to include post-secondary
  • Push to use only Canadian oil in Canada

It is important that we invest in our future. We need to start by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, create jobs within sustainable industries, and remove barriers to post-secondary education.


Inn the spring of 2019, William ran for MLA in the constituency of Calgary-East, earning the highest percentage of votes for a Green Candidate in all of Alberta.

Prior to becoming the President of the Forest Lawn Community Association (FLCA), William was an advocate for Forest Lawn and East Calgary. In 2018, he created a program that increased the safety and pride of Forest Lawn. Along with several volunteers, he drove through every alley in Forest Lawn and removed almost 22 thousand pounds of garbage – mattresses, couches, televisions, etc. That was the first step in making Calgary a better place to live and he has carried that passion through to new efforts.
William is currently an advisor for the ‘Greater Forest Lawn – Neighborhood Grants Committee’ and leading the ‘Community Action Team’ for 12 Community Safety Initiative.

Calgary-Forest Lawn is home to William, his wife Andrea, and their two-year-old son; It is also home for his father and his in-laws. Building a better community in Calgary-Forest Lawn isn’t only something he hopes for; it is something he actively creates.

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