Community Action Team – 12 CSI

12 CSI – Community Action Team
16th October 2018

William Carnegie-

The Community Action Team (CAT) walk is a program dedicated to making the communities of 12 CSI a safer, better place to live. Through the participation of The Calgary Police Service, City of Calgary Bylaw and other relevant safety leaders, 12 CSI holds a monthly community walk to address various issues within the community and to empower individuals to effect change.

⦁ Create a safer, more inclusive community.
⦁ To effect change through individual empowerment
⦁ Build community and help individuals connect
Through a series of meetings and CAT walks, we will help to provide individuals with the tools they need to create change within their community. 12 CSI will provide the relevant information to help increase the safety, connectivity, and perception of the communities we are involved in.
Initial Meeting
The first meet will be to inform the volunteers about the program and its goals. We will discuss ways to make our community safer, ways to be safe within our communities, what issues to look for, and how to effect change. We will provide a list of agencies and contacts for our volunteers as well as the circumstances in which to contact each for. As well, we will provide an email for the 12 CSI contact responsible for the program in the event that they have questions about what to do or who to contact for a specific circumstance. The volunteers will be briefed on how to take notes so they can share their successes ask questions or share experiences with the group at the next meeting.

First Walk
The first walk will take place following the initial meeting and will be held with a bylaw officer and a police officer. If possible, a representative from the city of Calgary or from waste and recycling services could be present as well if deemed relevant.
During the walk, we will guide the volunteers through the stages of a report. What to look for within the community, what to do and, what not to do. We will address safety concerns and how to show support for individuals who provide a safe atmosphere for the community or present a nice property.
Bringing several garbage bags may be a good idea as picking up garbage is one of the easiest ways to increase the perception of a community. This is also a good teaching opportunity for needle safety.
Follow up CAT walks
Each month the CAT-walk group will meet to review successes and discuss various situations discovered by our members. We will reinforce the core principals of the group and discuss how we can continue to achieve the goals of the CAT walks. We will also give advice on how to handle the various situations they may have come across during their individual walks. We will again discuss safety and our role as individuals in the community.

Following our meeting, which should last 30-45 minutes, we will go on a CAT-walk with the group as well as The Calgary Police, Calgary Bylaw and any other relevant community leaders. During this walk, we will review the safe practices and identify issues related to our core mission. We will also try to find areas where we can leave positive messages for well-kept homes or any person who looks to be projecting a positive image or example to the community.

Issues to Consider

There are many issues to consider that can effect change. They will vary in their severity and will vary according to the volunteer reporting the issue.
⦁ Graffiti on public or private property should be noted separately and with the relevant address. – address, location, and picture.
⦁ Picking up garbage and how to do it safely – garbage bag and gloves
⦁ How to report problems with illegal dumping – address, picture, and description
⦁ Reporting unsightly properties – address and a picture
⦁ Reporting unsafe conditions, such as ice on sidewalks – address
⦁ Noting disabled or inoperable vehicles – address and plate number
⦁ Reporting burnt out lights, dimly lit areas – address and a picture
⦁ Blocked signage, traffic signs etc. – take a picture and the intersection or address
⦁ Overgrown city bushes or trees impacting walkways or visibility at intersections
⦁ Noting suspicious activity – to be defined

City of Calgary Bylaw – 311
Calgary Police Non-Emergency – 403-264-1234
Calgary Police Emergency – 911
Atco Gas Emergency – 403-245-7222
Street Light Repair – 311
City-owned trees/shrubs etc – 311

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