Name Change Is Enabling UCP Ideology

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October 8, 2019



EDMONTON – Ordering eight school divisions in Alberta to abandon the word ‘public’ in their legal title has more to do with imposing one’s ideology than helping to deliver education, according to the Green Party of Alberta.

Interim Leader Will Carnegie says the move to eradicate the word from discourse demonstrates an intentional contempt for public institutions. “Schools should be inclusive places where our children learn about community and diversity. By arbitrarily ordering school boards to drop the word public from their name, this government has revealed its commitment to breaking down our public institutions,” says Carnegie.

The Green Party of Alberta supports the Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta in their quest to have the UCP government reconsider their ill-advised decision. “The conservative agenda of defunding our public institutions in order for them to fail, and to remove the very identity that they are publicly owned, speaks volumes about their intent. This move is the first of many that directs our education system towards a platform of privatization” says Carnegie.

The latest move by the UCP government comes at a time when a solid majority of Albertans want to end subsidies for private schools. An Environics poll released in April 2017 indicated two out of every three Albertans want hand-outs to private schools to end and more money invested in the public school system.

Carnegie, also the Green Party of Alberta’s Candidate of Record in Calgary-East, says ”From a practical standpoint, forcing school divisions to change their legal name also means they have to make banking changes and altering contracts, creating unnecessary costs and red tape, the very thing Conservatives say they are against. This is a bad decision that needs to be immediately retracted. The focus should be on building an education system worthy of our children, not destroying it piecemeal.”

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For more information, please contact:

Will Carnegie
Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Candidate of Record in Calgary-East
Phone: 403-973-6035

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