New Carbon Tax Ineffectual and Preferential

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October 31, 2019


EDMONTON – Calling the carbon tax scheme introduced by the UCP flawed and favouring the province’s highest emitters, the Green Party of Alberta has indicated its opposition.

“What this plan does is let the largest polluters virtually dictate the terms of their relationship with the carbon tax. This is another example of elected officials avoiding the Climate Emergency,” says Will Carnegie, Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta.

Emissions targets in Alberta for 2024 are actually five megatonnes less under the newly announced plan than those underwhelming goals put in place by the NDP. Alberta emitted 273 megatonnes as recently as 2017. “We believe these targets, similar to the ones enacted by the previous government, are woefully low and put this and future generations at risk,” says Carnegie.

The province is loosening the rules, allowing for Alberta’s largest polluters to pay $330 million dollars less per year. “As it stands, the new scheme punishes companies that have made progress on emissions reductions and offers rewards for those that have operated as if there is no Climate Emergency,” says Carnegie.

“Another aspect of the carbon tax is that a significant amount will go towards paying the provincial debt, which has been increased to $2 billion thanks to the UCP’s tax cuts to corporations,” says Carnegie, who is also the GPA’s Candidate of Record in Calgary-East. Additionally, $189 million from the carbon tax will be ear-marked for the Calgary-based, anti-environmentalist “War Room.” While the UCP chooses to spend the funds from the carbon tax on fighting to keep environmentalists at bay, the Green Party of Alberta would recommend using the funds to support the industries that will lead the province through the 21st century.

The corporations that are enjoying the largest breaks in paying carbon taxes are responsible for between 55-60% of Alberta’s yearly emissions.

“In addition to carbon tax policies that fail to reduce emissions substantially, it’s crucial to note that both the UCP government and NDP opposition are still pushing for the expansion of the oilsands. Only the Greens stand opposed to this because we favour the transition to a clean, green economy and carbon tax rates that actually make a difference,” says Carnegie.

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For more information, please contact:

Will Carnegie
Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Candidate of Record in Calgary-East
Phone: 403-973-6035

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