UCP Jobs Strategy A Proven Failure

Media Release

December 10, 2019


EDMONTON – The Green Party of Alberta says the loss of 18,000 jobs in November proves that the UCP are failing at basic economic management.

“The UCP are creating a recession just so that their corporate friends can get a tax cut,” says Will Carnegie, Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta. The employment rate in Alberta is now 7.2%, up .5% from October 2019. “The $4.5 million tax cut to corporations in the fall budget has clearly back-fired as we predicted it would. Corporations do not use tax cuts to hire employees so to expect otherwise is an exercise in fantasy.”

The UCP Premier took 18 Cabinet Ministers and high-level officials to Ottawa last week to lobby for money from the federal government. “After ridiculing the federal government, after slashing and burning Alberta’s economy, our Premier is now going cap in hand begging for money,” says Carnegie. “There appears to be no cognition on the part of the UCP that the expense of that type of entourage for the Premier is unseemly and unnecessary, especially after recent damaging cutbacks to the Alberta Civil Service, school boards, and health entities.”

The provincial capital of Edmonton saw a modest improvement thanks to an increase in the food service sector. The increases are in the area of part-time employment.

“Even in the one area that there was a modest uptick, job insecurity is heightened through a reduction in full time positions in favour of part time,” says Carnegie. The drop in full-time employment arises from reductions in administration, construction, and professional positions. “Two of these sectors, administration and professional employment, have seen the UCP take a hatchet to them through ill-advised budget cuts, while the third is languishing because the UCP are not providing adequate incentives for retro-fitting and zero carbon construction.”

The Greens say that an economic shift must happen but that it will not occur without Green Party MLAs in the Alberta legislature. “We need investment in solar, wind and thermal energy. We need to confront the Climate Emergency in a serious way. We need to restore funding for essential services in an Alberta that has a growing population,” says Carnegie, who is also the GPA’s Candidate of Record in Calgary-East.

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For more information, please contact:

Will Carnegie
Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Candidate of Record in Calgary-East
Phone: 403-973-6035
Email: leader@greenpartyofalberta.ca

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