Greens Call For Jason Kenneys Resignation

Media Release

December 12, 2019


EDMONTON – The Green Party of Alberta is calling for the resignation of Jason Kenney.

The province of Alberta is in a decline. Alberta now has the highest youth unemployment rate for males since the early 1980’s – almost 40 years.

The UCP’s provincial budget involves slashing education, healthcare and frontline services to tax paying Albertans. At the same time, new tax cuts have been introduced for large multinational corporations under the guise of ‘trickle-down economics’. These corporations have then gone on to press the delete button on the jobs of thousands of Albertans.

With Jason Kenneys’ ‘budget-balancing’ we are seeing the layoffs of thousands of frontline workers. Mr. Kenney has recently chosen to use carbon tax funds from Albertas’ ‘major industrial emitters’ to fund a $30 million ‘War-Room’ aimed at furthering the goals of the O&G industry and stifling any opposition. This effectively creates a situation where Alberta’s largest emitters – oil producers, coal and natural-gas power plants are paying the provincial government to lobby for them.

Unsurprisingly, this ethical failure does not seem to register with Mr. Kenney. He is the same politician whose leadership race is still being investigated by the RCMP – which has led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines handed out by the elections commissioner – the same commissioner who lost his job after the passing of Bill 22.

In addition to the misuse of our provincial funds, the reduction of Alberta’s income by 4.5 Billion dollars, and the incredible lack of ethical comprehension, thanks to the UCP, we will also see the following introduced;

  • 15% hike on our home and auto insurance premiums;
  • Increased transportation costs for school-children – now approx. $350 per child;
  • an INCREASE of $2 billion to our deficit – an almost 30% increase in his first year;
  • Cut the minimum wages of youth workers who do have jobs to $13/ hour;
  • $30 million spent on furthering the agenda of the oil and gas industry.

Alberta cannot continue with Jason Kenney’s Republican-America style policies. Every day that goes by with Mr. Kenney in power results in more cuts to the social and economic fabric of our Albertan – and Canadian way of life.

Mr.Kenney has shown his lack of respect for the average Albertan and his glorification of multinational corporations. It is time for him to stand down as the Premier of Alberta.

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For more information, please contact:

Will Carnegie
Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Candidate of Record in Calgary-East
Phone: 403-973-6035

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