Greens say No to TECK

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December 17, 2019


EDMONTON – The Green Party of Alberta says it is imperative that the federal government reject the proposed $20.6 billion open pit mine Frontier project proposed for the oilsands.

“We call upon the newly-elected government to put an end to this harmful project once and for all. It is clear based on the latest World Climate Summit in Madrid, Spain that Canada has virtually no credibility with the world community when it comes to the Climate Emergency,” says Will Carnegie, Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and the party’s Candidate of Record in Calgary-East. “To approve this project would be to destroy our commitments to the Paris Agreement in one fell swoop.”


Carnegie says the project belongs to another time and place. “Albertans have been saddled with enough environmental disasters to clean up already. From the thousands of orphaned wells abandoned by corporations, to the catastrophic situation with the tailing ponds – Albertans have already been given hundreds of billions of dollars in remediation projects. Alberta can’t afford to add any more environmental remediation or environmental degradation to our provincial portfolio. Albertans need jobs but, this project is not the answer.”

If approved, the project would be the largest open pit mine in Canadian history. The mine would open in 2026 and run until 2067. “In the construction phase alone, this project would generate an unseemly six megatons of C02 emissions per year. To have any chance to avert full-scale Climate disaster beyond what we have witnessed, we must keep the anticipated temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C,” says Carnegie.

The Gas and Global Network estimates that based on current investment of fossil fuel projects in existence, world temperatures are on pace to rise beyond 2 degrees C, spelling disaster for many more people, cities, and communities situated along coastlines and for growers of food. The loss of biodiversity due to the proposed project would be disastrous for those who live in the way of new wildfires and rely on clean drinking water in Northern Alberta communities.

“The sad irony is that we do not have to descend into the type of madness espoused by the UCP. Economic stability can occur through investment in clean energy. We do not have to be held hostage by Big Oil and their political surrogates with the UCP and NDP. Retro-fitting buildings and converting orphan oil wells are two worthy major projects that would keep Albertans employed for decades, for instance,” says Carnegie.

“The federal government approved pipeline expansion the very day after declaring a Climate Emergency, which is why nobody on the world stage can take them seriously. We want our national government to reject this hideous proposal and get with the program so that this and future generations can have a livable future.”

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For more information, please contact:

Will Carnegie
Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Candidate of Record in Calgary-East
Phone: 403-973-6035

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