For The Record: Will Carnegie on the UCP


December 19, 2019


Albertans who voted for Jason Kenney in our last election have come to see the truth. With 20% of UCP voters now disapproving of the UCP government’s performance, it’s clear that voters are starting to understand that these conservatives are not the conservatives they thought they were voting for. In fact, they aren’t conservatives at all.

In what is truly one of the largest upsets in Alberta’s history, the conservative party was hijacked by a leader with foreign interests in mind. A man who fights incredibly hard to make Albertans think that he is fighting for us. With his Republican-America style politics, he tricked Albertans into believing that he was Alberta’s saviour. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We in Alberta have elected a weasel in wolf’s clothing. The premier yells loud and clear that he is here to support Albertans, while at the same time slashing funding for our healthcare, our education, our infrastructure – and then, hijacking the pensions of thousands of Albertans to purchase a pipeline.

Premier Kenney has provided absolutely nothing to Canadians or to Albertans, except longer wait times at hospitals, reduced public services, reduced funding of our police, fire, and Emergency response service, and outright removing promised funding for infrastructure and transit projects to our cities – killing thousands of jobs.

On the other hand, when it comes to multinational corporations, he has spared no expense and shown them love, even if that love hasn’t been returned. Kenney has given tax breaks to multinational corporations to the tune of over 4 billion dollars. He has reduced their tax rate from what was  the lowest in the nation, to 1% lower – and will shave off 3% more by the time our next election rolls around.

Let them eat cake – is seemingly the attitude of our Premier who has decided that Albertans don’t deserve the services that we have paid for. Instead, he has saddled us with an increase of 30% in our debt in his first year, all while slashing needed services. This is an incredible show of his ability to support foreign corporations instead of Albertans.

We should all laud our esteemed leader’s ability to get nothing for something. After dumping billions of dollars from these foreign friends, many of them are cutting jobs, killing projects, and packing up and moving south.

Kenney knows that his real problem in Alberta is the difficulty of extracting our oil and the costs involved. But he also knows that he is going to make some great friends at foreign Corporations, which will help for the time when he’s eventually thrown out of office. Hopefully, that happens before he fleeces all of our finances and redistributes the rest of our wealth and resources to his foreign friends.

It is time to help us end the reign of Jason Kenney – Join us at the Green Party of Alberta.

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Will Carnegie
Interim Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Candidate of Record in Calgary-East
Phone: 403-973-6035

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