Transmountain Pipeline – It is obvious that shipping by pipeline is a much more effective and safe way to transport our product. I would advocate having no increase in the rate of extraction in the oil sands. I would advocate reducing extraction to 2014 levels; reducing the supply in order to increase its market value. It is essential that all of our resources have access to multiple markets.

Closing Corporate Loopholes – Advocate – I believe that Large cap corporations (those valued at over $2 Billion) should be paying their fair share in taxes. We can achieve this by regulating commonly used tax loopholes that allow them to reduce their taxable income. No new taxes should be introduced until the government is transparent and financially accountable.

Resource Development – Advocate – Alberta, like the rest of Canada, is built on a resource-based economy. Until we have an alternative way to create comparable income in Alberta, it is absolutely necessary to use our resources. However, we will need to dedicate a larger portion of our resource revenue into the development of new and existing sectors unrelated to resource extraction. Alberta has an opportunity. It has the resources to create and support new industries with the goal of reducing and ultimately removing our dependence on resources.

Carbon Tax – Advocate – The carbon tax is essential to moving our province, and our country, away from reliance on fossil fuels. With an increase in cost comes an increase in efficiency through consumer demand. The carbon tax has proven to be a great source of revenue for sustainable infrastructure projects and even in public transit – as seen by the funding for the new Green Line LRT in Calgary

Oil Sands Clean-up – Advocate – The oil and gas industry in Alberta has a clean-up bill estimated to be anywhere from $56 Billion to $250 Billion. The fact is that unless we start holding corporations responsible for these costs, Albertans and Canadians will be on the hook for the clean-up. With only 2 Billion dollars allocated to the clean-up, that is a 54 Billion dollar shortfall on even the conservative estimate. It is time we start calculating the REAL cost of extraction and not the subsidized price. Companies can shut down or go bankrupt with a few signatures – Canada and Canadians will always be here.

Resource Regulation – Advocate – When prices of our resources are reduced, so are our revenues. The fact is that these resources are owned by Canadians and we need to expect a minimal value to be associated with the use of them. They are, after all, limited. We should only be using our limited resources when there is a significant financial benefit and restricting use when the profit from its use is nominal or unsatisfactory.

Budgeting -Use it or Lose it – Disapprove – Government and government-run agencies budgets are decided in part through the prior years spending. This creates a situation where these agencies spend arbitrarily to meet their budgeted spending out of concern that they may receive a lower budget the following year. I would advocate for a system of bonuses to be paid out to agency directors and management for maintaining or increasing their service levels or performance while maintaining or decreasing their spending – scaling the bonus based on efficiency.

Party Whips – Disapprove – While the Whip is a necessary part of any large party, I would advocate for the removal of the ability to discipline. The Whip would become more of an internal lobbyist than a disciplinary agent. The current use of a party whip essentially removes part of the democratic aspect of our governance. Democracy is founded on the idea of representation of constituents to the government. Punishing an MLA for representing their constituents is fundamentally wrong.

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