GPA Leadership Race Opens

Media Release November 25, 2019 GREEN PARTY OF ALBERTA LEADERSHIP RACE OPENS EDMONTON – It’s now official, the Green Party of Alberta are accepting applications from those wishing to seek the party’s leadership. A deadline of January 28, 2020 has been affixed to the process but those who submit successful applications can begin campaigning immediately. “ThisContinue reading “GPA Leadership Race Opens”

Alberta Greens To Adapt Co-Leader Format

Media Release November 19, 2019 ALBERTA GREENS TO ADAPT CO-LEADER FORMAT RED DEER – In what is a Canadian first, members of the Green Party of Alberta have voted to create a Co-Leader system of party leadership. The motion was voted upon at the party’s annual convention in Red Deer and passed with an overwhelming majority.Continue reading “Alberta Greens To Adapt Co-Leader Format”

David Merner To Speak at GPA Convention

Media Release November 14, 2019 DAVID MERNER TO SPEAK AT GREEN PARTY OF ALBERTA CONVENTION EDMONTON – Green Party of Canada Justice Critic David Merner will speak at the Green Party of Alberta Convention this coming Saturday, November 16, 2019. Merner and the Greens finished second in the British Columbia riding of Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke in the recentContinue reading “David Merner To Speak at GPA Convention”

Green Party Convention In Red Deer

Media Release November 12, 2019 GREEN PARTY GEARS UP FOR PIVOTAL CONVENTION IN RED DEER  EDMONTON – Members of the Green Party of Alberta will converge in Red Deer this coming Saturday, November 16, 2019 in what promises to be a pivotal convention. The gathering is the first to feature the Annual General Meeting component sinceContinue reading “Green Party Convention In Red Deer”

GPA to UCP: Keep Your Hands Off Pensions

Media Release November 5, 2019 GREEN PARTY TO UCP: “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF PENSIONS”  EDMONTON – This province’s Green Party wants the UCP government to back off making fundamental changes to the way pension plans are administrated for teachers, health care professionals, police officers, and other workers in Alberta. Green Party of Alberta Interim Leader, WillContinue reading “GPA to UCP: Keep Your Hands Off Pensions”

New Carbon Tax Ineffectual and Preferential

Media Release October 31, 2019 NEW CARBON TAX BOTH INEFFECTUAL AND PREFERENTIAL, SAY GREENS EDMONTON – Calling the carbon tax scheme introduced by the UCP flawed and favouring the province’s highest emitters, the Green Party of Alberta has indicated its opposition. “What this plan does is let the largest polluters virtually dictate the terms of theirContinue reading “New Carbon Tax Ineffectual and Preferential”

Trickle Down Economics In UCP Budget

Media Release October 29, 2019 ALBERTA GREENS DECRY TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS INHERENT IN UCP BUDGET EDMONTON – The recent budget brought forth by the UCP government has the Green Party of Alberta rejecting both its premise and details. Will Carnegie, Interim Leader of the GPA, says “This is a budget that is a return to the so-calledContinue reading “Trickle Down Economics In UCP Budget”

GPA: Diminished Water Flows A Concern

Media Release October 24, 2019 DIMINISHED WATER FLOWS FROM THE ATHBASCA RIVER A CONCERN, SAY GREENS EDMONTON – A new report released by Parks Canada underscores the overall seriousness of deterioration of water flows of the Athabasca River, say this province’s Green Party. Green Party of Alberta Interim Leader, Will Carnegie, says the report’s findings, whichContinue reading “GPA: Diminished Water Flows A Concern”

Alberta Greens Applaud GPC Gains

Media Release October 22, 2019 ALBERTA GREENS APPLAUD ELECTORAL GAINS BY GREEN PARTY OF CANADA EDMONTON – Electoral gains by the Green Party of Canada signal an encouraging shift in voter preference say the Green Party of Alberta. The Green Party vote was 6.5% in the 43rd Canadian federal general election, up 3.1% from the 3.4% receivedContinue reading “Alberta Greens Applaud GPC Gains”

War Room Further Degrades Democracy

Media Release October 15, 2019 WAR ROOM MOVE “FURTHER DEGRADES DEMOCRACY,” SAY GREENS  EDMONTON – The decision by the UCP government to incorporate its anti-environmentalist war room to avoid public disclosure of its activities is deeply concerning, say the Green Party of Alberta. GPA Interim Leader, Will Carnegie, says the move is specially designed so thatContinue reading “War Room Further Degrades Democracy”